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The Story of "LORRIE"

What happens when a character only referenced in a script “comes to life” and barges in on a rehearsal, demanding to make the play all about her?

The Story:

Enthusiastic director/writer Jessica is about to begin rehearsal on her new play when Lorrie, a character mentioned, but never actually seen, shows up and imposes her will with a new draft of the script in hand, throwing everything - and everyone - into chaos.

Is she real? An imposter? Some over-zealous wannabe actor? A powerful new force to be reckoned with? Or is something magical about to happen on and off-stage?


Find out how Jessica and her actors cope with Lorrie's demands in this hilarious new comedy by award-winning playwright, Joseph P. Krawczyk, about the fine line between reality, fantasy, and a universe where women take control of their destiny.

Our History:

Out of 70+ plays at the largest theatre festival in the country, the Thespis Theater Festival (now New York Theatre Festival)  in 2016, "It's All About Lorrie" swept the awards with Winner of Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress

This accomplishment was followed by a hugely successful run at the American Theatre of Actors in early 2017, and subsequently with more changes to the script, a reading at the Producer's Club in 2018, and now an entirely new cast, new director (Conor Bagley), Broadway producer, and the co-director of the hugely successful Chicago run of "Pelosi: The Adult in the Room), Lorrie returns in 2021 with an online industry reading, executive produced by award winning Broadway Producers Jim Kierstead and Willy Fernandez.

"It's All About Lorrie," an LLC, is seeking to take the show on the road to your local community. The project, developed and co-produced by Roger Gonzalez, Alliance Media Theatricals, continues its path to spread its magic across the country.

For more information about the play, or if you have any interest in booking a production at your theater, please email: or call 646-285-3033

To Sign up for the exclusive industry only digital reading on Wednesday, March 31st, 4pm (by Invite only)

please email

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